Fact Checkers Rip Apart Trump’s Fictional and Divisive State of the Union Speech

In what I’m sure is a surprise to nobody who’s paid attention to Donald Trump over the last few years, his first big official State of the Union Speech was a divisive, fictional narrative from a man who lies so often it would actually be more noteworthy to report when he tells the truth about […]

There’s One Thing That Everybody Should Pay Attention To After Trump’s SOTU Speech

While I usually enjoy the annual State of the Union Speech (though I won’t be watching this year’s debacle), for the most part they’re more symbolic than anything else. It’s a president standing in front of Congress reading a long speech mostly written by other people meant to tout their accomplishments of the past year […]

Fact-Checking Site Proves Just How Good President Obama Has Been for America

Following his annual State of the Union speech, many Republicans have been quite critical of the supposed “arrogance” President Obama displayed while giving his address. Then again, what’s new? Republicans have been trying to paint the president as arrogant and “out of touch” for years. But like with all recent SOTU speeches, fact-checking organizations usually work […]

Glenn Beck Says President Obama ‘Declared He Would Become America’s First Dictator’

Remember not too long ago when I warned people not to trust the new “moderate” Glenn Beck?  Well, it didn’t take long before he went right back to the same old crap he’s been spewing for years. This time he went off on a tangent about President Obama morphing into a dictator during his State […]