The South Could “Rise Again” — But Not As Long As They Keep Voting For Republicans

Few things make me realize the person I’m about to have a political discussion with is either an idiot or being completely disingenuous more than when they whip out the “Democrats formed the KKK and Republicans freed the slaves” statement — as if that’s their trump card and they’re playing it up front so that […]

No, the South Isn’t just a bunch of Teabagger Rednecks — Stop Stereotyping All Of Us

It’s no secret that I am a Southerner and proud of it. I have spent all of my life from Virginia to South Carolina, to Georgia and Florida, and now Louisiana. I’ve been to Seattle, Portland, New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco and other liberal havens, but the places that sadly hang onto the […]

Racism Isn’t Dead Yet, It’s Just Been Accepted As “Normal”

50 years ago, a bomb took the lives of 4 black girls in Birmingham and destroyed a church as well. Today, Americans like to think that those days of racial hatred and bigotry are behind us, but they’re not. Lynchings, separate water fountains and segregation as a law may be gone, but we still have […]