Oklahoma Restaurant Owner: ‘I Really Don’t Want Gays Around,’ ‘I Can Spot a F*ggot’ (VIDEO)

I was raised in the South, Texas to be exact, so racism; bigotry; sexism; ignorance; homophobia – none of these things really shock me.  I always assume that most people I meet in the South are conservatives, and if they turn out not to be, it’s a pleasant surprise. That being said, the story I […]

Sorry Jon Stewart, The South Isn’t As Gay Tolerant As You Think

The other night, ‘The Daily Show’ featured a rather silly video in which they sent a fake gay couple to Alabama and Mississippi in a skit about Nate Silver’s prediction that those two states would be the last to legalize gay marriage. While it was an amusing skit designed to get some laughs (and Nate […]