Domestic Terrorist Who Fired on First Responders Claims He Seceded from U.S. and Created ‘Doug-E-Stan’

On Monday afternoon a man from the Dallas area, Douglas Lee LeGuin, shot at police officers and firefighters with an AK-47 as they were responding to a fire.  Apparently he was at a home in far North Dallas (not his), threatening a nanny who had refused to let him in.  At that moment a Dallas fire […]

Breaking: Sovereign Citizen Gun Nut Armed with AK-47 Opens Fire in North Dallas

Around 3:30 pm CST as Dallas Fire and Rescue first responders were headed to battle a grass fire in North Dallas, they reported hearing around 15 rounds fired, possibly at them, from an unidentified location. So far police have confirmed that a man called in to 9-1-1 claiming to be a member of the sovereign […]