Sarah Palin Mocks Diabetic Pregnant Woman Who Fainted During Obama Speech, Calls it “Hilarious”

How anyone can call themselves a fan of Sarah Palin baffles me. ┬áSure, I get the hardcore conservatives who’ll cheer almost anything a Republican public figure says, but Sarah Palin is nothing more than a babbling idiot. During her few years of fame, there’s been no shortage of material showing just how reprehensible she really […]

No, It’s Not Okay for Bill Maher to Make Fun of Special Needs Children, Even If They’re a Palin

There has been a lot of outrage voiced on conservative blogs about Bill Maher recently mocking Trig Palin as “retarded” during one of his comedy routines. Sarah Palin herself took to Twitter to call Maher out, and deservedly so. I have found myself agreeing with a lot of what Bill Maher has said in the […]