Documents Show Racist Cops In Dothan, Alabama Framed Black Men For Years

A story coming out of Alabama which has been published by the Henry County Report is deeply disturbing. According to the publication, police officers in the city of Dothan, Alabama have framed black residents for gun and drug crimes – then covered it up at the highest levels possible. This isn’t a case of officers failing […]

Wakulla County, Florida Residents Freak Out Over Muslims Praying On The Beach

A Florida county is freaking out over Muslims. Wakulla County (which is to the south of the state’s capital of Tallahassee) is collectively losing it due to a photo of people praying on the beach. The photo was posted to Facebook by County Commissioner Ralph Thomas who came across some Muslims praying at Mashes Sands, a […]

The KKK Pathetically Claims “White Genocide” Exists

Racist billboards, espousing “white pride,” have been popping up in some Southern states recently, most notably in Alabama and Arkansas. A billboard in Harrison, Arkansas shows a photo of a very sad white girl, holding a puppy, and reads “It’s NOT Racist to love Your People,” the word love replaced with a red heart. That ad […]

Why I Don’t Owe Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller an Apology

Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller are two of the most outspoken Islamophobes in America. Both Geller and Spencer have their own profiles at the website of the Southern Poverty Law Center, and their hateful rhetoric has been featured by most media outlets. Anders Breivik, the rampant Islamophobe responsible for the Norway massacre, was a fan […]