Fox News’ Stacey Dash Makes A Fool Out Of Herself Discussing Bush’s Presidency (Video)

For those who might not be aware of who Stacey Dash is, you may recall her from such deep, thought-provoking movies such as Clueless or Mo’ Money. Now she’s a fairly prominent contributor for American’s highest rated conservative entertainment channel, Fox News. Though I have no idea what qualifies her for a role on a supposed “news” channel discussing […]

Fox News Host Disgustingly Lashes Out at Children Living in Poverty (Video)

In an attempt to apparently prove that there are no lows to which Fox News will not stoop, Outnumbered co-host Stacey Dash decided to attack the children of families living in poverty. Because, you know, children are apparently just greedy little moochers abusing the system and looking for a free handout. Discussing a recent Census Bureau report that […]

Hosts on Fox News’ ‘Outnumbered’ Defend Sexual Harassment: ‘Let Men Be Men’ (Video)

Most people who follow me probably know that I’m not always the biggest fan of people who go overboard with being “politically correct.” I think nowadays some people are going entirely too far with it. It seems we’re approaching a point in our society to where people can’t say anything without it offending someone. It’s as […]