House Republicans Introduce Resolution Against The “War On Christmas”

Remember how before the media’s sole focus was on terrorism and the latest thing Donald Trump said, there were a few days where everyone was talking about Starbucks and how they had joined the “War On Christmas” by not having holiday graphics on their plain red paper coffee cups? That was a little over a […]

Forget The War On Christmas, There’s A War On Thanksgiving

Weeks ago we began the annual assault of holiday commercials, even as kids hadn’t finished collecting the last of their Halloween candy. As usual, the tired old talk from the conservative media started once again about a “War on Christmas” and it went to a whole new level of stupidity with the brief frenzy over […]

Donald Trump Joins The Starbucks Boycott Stupidity

The ridiculous outrage over the 2015 Starbucks holiday cup started with gun fanatic and so-called “evangelist” Joshua Feuerstein encouraging his followers to boycott the coffee chain – or get the baristas to write “Merry Christmas” on their cups of expensive coffee. The whole thing was so ridiculous that when Fox News posted about it on […]

While Conservative Christians Cry About Cups, Starbucks Extends Amazing Benefit to Veterans

In what’s become as big of a tradition as Christmas itself, the annual mythological “war on Christmas” is apparently in full-swing among conservatives. I’m sure everyone knows what that means. A few conservatives find a couple of examples where businesses did something that’s not quite “Christmas enough” and the whole conservative world freaks out. It’s […]

Christian “Celebrity” Accuses Starbucks Of Waging A War On Christmas

Every single holiday season, we are subject to the same tired old stories about the “War on Christmas” from the conservative media and the religious right. If you were to believe the annual narrative, liberals and atheists are in a Grinch-like, devious plot to take Christ out of Christmas. This year is no different, and […]

This Is Why Businesses Insist On Gun-Free Zones

In the wake of the recent theater shooting here in Lafayette, the usual gun fanatics have come out of the woodwork to claim the shooter chose the Grand 16 because it is part of a number of “gun-free zones.” Gov. Bobby Jindal, ever the opportunist, quickly came out and said that now was not the […]

GOP Sen. Thom Tillis Says Businesses Shouldn’t Require Employees To Wash Hands After Using The Toilet

Senator Thom Tillis is a first-term Republican from North Carolina who apparently really, really thinks government regulations are too much. Thom Tillis apparently also thinks that restaurant employees should be able to not wash their hands after using the bathroom, so long as there’s a sign alerting customers to that fact. Yes, seriously. Granted, this […]

What Do “Food Babe” And Fox News Have In Common?

If you haven’t heard of her by now, there is this woman named Vani Hari who goes by the alias “Food Babe” who has become infamous for her attacks on a number of food companies, including Subway and, most recently, Starbucks. In this latest attack, she has sent thousands of her fans, known as the […]

The Chipotle Story Is About Gun Nuts, Not Gun Rights

First it was Starbucks, then it was Chick-fil-A, and now Chipotle has also told gun fanatics to please stop bringing their weapons into their establishment. Before we get into this issue further, let remind you there is a huge difference between gun owners and gun nuts. Simply owning a gun does not make you a […]

Louisiana Gun Nut Politician’s Gun Campaign Not Welcome At Chick-fil-A

Remember how a couple of weeks ago, before the government shutdown filled the news, gun nuts got upset over Starbucks asking them to no longer use their stores for political rallies? Well, here in Louisiana, state Rep. Jeff Thompson (R-Bossier City) decided he wasn’t about to let the issue go. He has decided to hold […]