Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Pastor Pillow Faces Stiff Competition from Glory Holy Ministries

Hey, I’m glad it’s you! Come on in and have a seat. Didn’t see you at the elders meeting this week, and I’ve been meaning to ask you a few questions. You missed the laying on of hands of Marge Melangue’s cockapoo. The vet said heartworm, but demons are sly, you know. By the way, […]

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Washington Post Op-Ed Appallingly Defends Teacher/Student Sexual Relationships and Rape

It takes a lot to shock me.  Sure, I get frustrated and appalled by some of the things I read, but to truly shock me takes quite a lot.  Well, an op-ed written by Betsy Karasik and published by the Washington Post simply blew my mind. Not because it brought up great points, because it surely did […]