Dallas Sports Anchor Dale Hansen Delivers A Powerful Message Against Racism

Dale Hansen is a sports anchor on WFAA 8, ABC’s Dallas TV station. He was born in 1948 in Iowa and raised by a father who he admits used a racial slur like it was “a proper noun.” Dale Hansen is a self-admitted “fat, old white guy” and if you were going by stereotypes, you […]

‘Redneck News’ Reporter Jeremy Addaway On Why He Supports Gay Marriage (VIDEO)

On February 9, Jeremy Addaway went for a walk around his Blount County, Alabama property. He recorded his trek on a cell phone, as he searched for signs that marriage equality in his state would result in gay people doing “homosexual things” on his brush pile, or behind his work shed. Jeremy found nothing. Nothing […]

An Alabama Redneck Reports On How Gay Marriage Has Impacted Him (Video)

I usually don’t care much about viral videos, but this one was worth watching. A redneck reporting on how same-sex marriage legalization in Alabama has affected his county? Most people would hear the words “Alabama” and “redneck” and instantly assume this was going to be a hateful rant about how gay people are destroying the […]