GOP Strategist Spells Out Why Robert Mueller Subpoenaing Bannon Should Terrify Trump

In the brewing “war of racist scumbags” between Donald Trump and Steve Bannon, while this “president” might be the most powerful of the two, I’d caution anyone from dismissing Bannon — even after losing his radio show and position at Breitbart. While I’m not willing to go as far as to call him an intelligent […]

Here’s Why Donald Trump vs. Steve Bannon is a Nightmare That Could Rip the GOP Apart

When Steve Bannon joined Donald Trump’s campaign in the summer of 2016, I knew then that the “marriage” between the two would never end well. There was no way two men with egos as massive as Bannon’s and Trump’s were going to be able to co-exist, then ultimately split amicably. Especially when I’m almost certain […]

The 5 Biggest Losers From the Embarrassing Roy Moore Debacle in Alabama

When Donald Trump and most of the Republican Party decided to go all-in on Roy Moore, they took one of the biggest gambles in political history. Shockingly, the party of “family values” figured that getting Moore’s vote was worth trying to elect a credibly accused child predator to the United States Senate. They lost. However, […]

It’s Important to Understand the Alt-Right’s Endgame

While most people on the left think of the Alt-Right as a white nationalist movement driven by bigotry and racism, I think many folks are missing the bigger picture concerning what the Alt-Right is really all about. Yes, they’re largely comprised of racists, Nazis, white nationalists, and bigots. But that’s a rather narrow way to […]

There’s a Somewhat Interesting Story Concerning Steve Bannon and Trump No One Noticed

Anyone who follows me knows I’m by no means a conspiracy theorist — in fact, I’ve called them out repeatedly over the years. There’s a big difference between expressing your opinion with analysis based on facts, and inventing conspiracies out of thin air to drive divides and fuel anger. That said, the other day I […]

Steve Bannon’s CBS Interview Provides New Insight Which Could Prove Damaging to Trump

For those who haven’t heard, CBS’s 60 Minutes is set to air an interview Charlie Rose conducted with alt-right hero Steve Bannon. While the full interview won’t air until Sunday night, the network has been hyping it by airing several clips, hoping to entice people to tune in. Well, something Bannon said in one of […]

The Conservative Media is Mostly Nothing but Con Artists, Frauds, & Sociopaths

When most people think of the “conservative media,” the first names or sources that come to mind are likely Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, and Ann Coulter. Granted there are plenty of others, but those are, without a doubt, some of the first names I think most Americans would think […]