Jon Stewart Explodes at the Republicans Defending Donald Trump’s Racist Comments (Video)

As we head into what might be the most entertaining presidential race of any of our lifetimes, I still can’t believe Jon Stewart is leaving. The 2016 election is made for someone like Stewart. While I have high hopes for Trevor Noah, I just can’t see anyone replacing everything that Jon Stewart brings as a political commentator […]

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Slams Fox News for Ridiculous Comments About Children’s Movie ‘Frozen’ (Video)

If someone had told me that one day I would be writing an article concerning one news network slamming another over ridiculous comments made concerning Disney’s outrageously popular movie Frozen, I would have never believed them. Yet, here I am. And, of course, Fox News is the culprit behind me having to write about this nonsense. A […]

Fox & Friends Devolves into One of the Most Absurd Segments in the History of Cable “News”

I’ve watched my fair share of ridiculous segments on Fox News, but what I just watched easily ranks as one of the most absurd segments I’ve ever seen them produce. Thursday morning on Fox & Friends, John Stossel joined the usual cast of Steve Doocy, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Brian Kilmeade in what I would sum up best as […]

Fox News Tries To Discredit CDC Doctor On Ebola Facts – Because Of Obama, Of Course (Video)

Just after I heard the news about the first case of Ebola being diagnosed in the United States (in Dallas, a few short miles from where I live), I sent out a tweet mocking the fact that I knew Fox News would find some way(s) to make this about President Obama: Because, as most of […]