There Is One Man Who Would Perfectly Represent Today’s GOP As Speaker, but It’s Not Paul Ryan

Republicans in the House are in the middle of an ideological war, and it looks like nobody who is qualified for the position really wants to be the next Speaker of the House. Newt Gingrich, who previously served before resigning in disgrace, has offered his services just in case Republicans can’t find someone who can […] Petition Created To Remove Speaker John Boehner From Congress

A couple of liberal blogger sites are reporting that a petition has been created to expel Speaker John Boehner from Congress and have him tried for sedition, treason and generally being a piss-poor excuse for a House Speaker. Ok, I made that last part up, sort of. But as I was saying, a petition has […]

Bobby Jindal Attempts To Literally Whitewash His Legacy (UPDATED)

On a regular basis, Bobby Jindal does something bizarre, hateful, or something that just makes you stop and wonder how in the hell someone from Oxford could be that incredibly stupid. After Bobby’s recent trip to London where he doubled down on the debunked claim of “no-go zones” that even Fox News had the rare […]

Steve Scalise And The KKK: An Uncomfortable Match Made In Louisiana

The Steve Scalise story just keeps getting more and more interesting. It certainly hasn’t helped him that Kenny Knight, an admitted racist and close associate of David Duke, has tried to make excuses for him and say that Scalise didn’t speak to that Neo-Nazi conference in New Orleans back in 2002. By the way, this […]

GOP Congressman Introduces Bill To Abolish Gun-Free School Zones

When American voters handed over control of the United States Senate last November in a fit of apathy, I knew that the Republican Party would point to it as a mandate from voters and proof that our country wanted their policies as they would attempt to push their agenda down our throats. Sure enough, Congressional […]

Chris Matthews Absolutely Crushes Racism within the Tea Party (Video)

I think it’s safe to say that most people on the left believe that there’s a large part of the Republican party that’s driven by racism. And while most conservatives will deny that, at times the evidence is overwhelming. It’s really hard to claim your party isn’t largely built upon racism when you’re defending the […]

Is David Duke Now Calling The Shots In The Republican Party?

This is the new low that the Republican Party has found itself at, taking the word of a known white supremacist leader over the word of the House Majority Whip, who admitted to speaking to a Klan/white power conference back in 2002. A little over a week ago, my friend Lamar White Jr released his […]

Chaos Ensues as Bill O’Reilly Brings David Duke on Fox News (Video)

By now, most people who follow politics have heard about the scandal involving House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and a speech he gave at an event sponsored by white supremacists in 2002. Now, you would think that the third most powerful person in the House being busted speaking at an event promoting white supremacy would, […]

Republicans Continuing to Defend Rep. Scalise are Exposing the True Confederate Colors of Their Party

Recently the story broke about Republican House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) and a speech he gave at an event for white supremacists back in 2002. Just the facts about the story itself don’t leave a whole lot of wiggle room for excuses. This was an event organized by a Neo-Nazi for blatantly racist individuals […]

In The New Year, Could Republicans Be Just A Little Less Ridiculous?

Well, wombats, here we are. New Year’s Eve day, the last day of 2014, the last day of what has been one of the most tumultuous years in recent memory. Other than 2013, of course, and 2012, and…oh who am I kidding, the entire first part of the 21st century has been bizarre. But you have […]