Republicans, I Give In: Here’s a List of a Few Things You Can Blame on President Obama

Basically since before he even took the oath of office to become President of the United States, Republicans have opposed everything President Obama stands for and blamed him for practically everything. Literally it wasn’t even a few weeks into his presidency, in the middle of the worst economic crash since the Great Depression, before Republicans […]

Corporate Profits are at an All-Time High, Proving that Trickle-Down Economics is a Sham

Over and over again, we’ve heard the repeated assertions from GOP politicians and media pundits that President Obama is killing the economy. Every jobs report, no matter how good, is touted as proof of their claims that they are right and only by doing things their way will we have jobs for everyone. Only by […]

Can You Imagine if a Republican President…

You can’t turn on Fox News without hearing about how “horrible” President Obama is.  Since January 20, 2009, it’s been an endless attack about how terrible he is and how awful his policies have been for Americans. Which I always find laughable considering the terrible state our economy was in following 8 years of disastrous […]

Obama’s “Socialism” Seems to be Working Out Pretty Well for Capitalists

Dow Jones industrial average: 15,105.12 That’s what the Dow closed at today. Oh, that’s a new record, by the way.  You know what “setting a record” means, right?  As in the Dow Jones industrial average has never been over 15,000 before. Just for a quick reference, March 9, 2009 the Dow hit its lowest point […]