There’s No Vaccine For Obama Defiance Disorder

A few years ago, there was a joke going around about yellow snow. If President Obama came out against eating yellow snow, members of the right-wing would issue statements, arguing for it. How dare Obama try to control what we eat, why does he hate winter, is Obama prejudiced against dogs, etc. We’ve seen it […]

Crazed Christian Sees Satan In Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Halftime Show

The 49th Super Bowl has come and gone. Patriots fans are thrilled, Seahawks fans are confused. And once again, people with way too much time on their hands have dissected the halftime show in order to show us all the truth about the Illuminati. Also, satanic avocados. Where should we start-Katy Perry on fire, her […]

Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Pastor Pillow, Katy Perry & the Super Bowl Pre-Game Prayer Pomade Extravaganza

Hi, I’m Pastor Pillow! Sorry, I don’t mean to disturb you—oh my, you’re not wearing any clothes. Nor are you. The whole lot of you, in fact. Goodness, that’s a load of tattoos. I can’t tell, that concentration of ink on your left thigh, is that Tamil or a pod of sperm whales practicing Krav […]

Fox Business Attempts To Report On Super Bowl Attendance, Fails Miserably (Video)

You really have to love when a supposedly professional “news” organization makes a complete fool out of themselves – especially when it involves Fox. That’s what happened today when Fox Business attempted to report on the Super Bowl by claiming the NFL is bracing for “record-low attendance” this year. The reporter, Elizabeth MacDonald, stumbled her […]

The Coke Bottle that Fell from the Sky, Hit an Antichrist & Felled a Planet

Sometimes you just have to take a step back from reality. Kind of like Ken Ham and his Creationist minions.  (You see, there’s this book.) Last Sunday, more than 112 million citizens of the United States of America—more than one-third of the total population—huddled around television sets to watch men in orange and royal blue […]

I’ve Got a Few Words for Those Offended By Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl Commercial

At first I hadn’t planned on writing about this “big controversy,” but then I had seen such ignorance that I couldn’t keep silent.  After all, how dare Coca-Cola air a commercial during the Super Bowl with America the Beautiful sung in several different languages and featuring – gasp – a gay couple. Americans (especially conservative […]