Most Republicans Don’t Seem to Understand the Meanings of the Words and Phrases They Use

If there’s one thing I’ll give Republicans credit for, it’s that they are masters at pushing a message, talking point, or piece of propaganda once it’s been established. From the top of the party, through the conservative media, all the way out to their millions of supporters, like drones programmed to repeated what they’re told, […]

‘Fix This F*cking Thing’: Jon Stewart Goes Off Against Inexcusable VA Incompetence

Leave it to Jon Stewart to properly cover the incompetence surrounding VA hospitals better than anyone.  And while there’s absolutely nothing funny about these horror stories that have surfaced about secret waiting lists and veterans dying waiting for care, Stewart managed to bring everything together as he mocked the hypocrisy shown by so many who claim […]

Shameful: Republicans Block Bill to Expand Healthcare and Education for Veterans

One of the biggest problems I have with Republicans is their blatant hypocrisy.  They’ll portray themselves as the party of “small, fiscally conservative government” while advocating for laws which are the complete opposite. Their rallying cry of “we support our troops” is another that’s a clear misnomer of exactly what policies they support.  Republicans frequently […]

Imagine Every Veteran and Current Member of Our Military Were Gay, Would Republicans Honor Them?

After I wrote an article covering the reprehensible behavior by six states that are deliberately making it harder for members of our military to register for benefits simply because they’re in a same-sex relationship, I thought to myself, “What if every veteran and current member of our military were gay?  Would Republicans still honor them?” […]

On Veterans Day, A Look at the Abysmal Voting Record Republicans Have in Support of our Military

There are millions of conservative Americans in this country who I fully believe have the utmost respect for the brave men and women who’ve served, or are currently serving, in our armed forces. That being said, the party which they support clearly does not. Sure, Republicans will talk at great lengths about the endless respect […]

Upcoming Cuts to SNAP Will Result in Roughly 900,000 Veterans Having Less for Food

I’m sure by now many of you have heard about the upcoming cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (aka SNAP), often called “food stamps,” that are about to take effect this coming Friday, November 1.  Well, technically it’s not a “cut” as much as it is a loss of additional funds the program had […]

If We Really Wanted to “Support our Troops,” We’d End No-Bid Defense Contracts and Corporate Welfare

It is currently estimated that the super rich are stashing as much as $32 trillion offshore, according to a recent study.  Meanwhile, back here in the United States, we still have unacceptable levels of unemployment and our infrastructure is crumbling. We have bridges that are collapsing as well as ports and roads that need expansion […]