Stephen Colbert Slams Both the NSA and Edward Snowden

In my opinion, Stephen Colbert is a bit of an enigma.  Similar to people like Zach Galifianakis or Will Ferrell, he seems to live much of his life in a state of perpetual satire and character.  Even when outside of the confines of his show, it’s rare that you see him act in any form of […]

Supreme Court Decision Shreds Fourth Amendment, Allows Police to Enter Homes Without Warrant

It’s rare that you’ll see me write something “alarming” about a Supreme Court ruling that has an impact on our Constitutional rights.  But when I read about their latest ruling which now gives police permission to enter a home without a search warrant, it did set off a few of my red flags. In a 6-3 […]

Rand Paul Planning Ridiculous Stunt, Wants to Sue Obama Administration

I’ve joked (kind of) that the motto of the Republican party really needs to be something like, “Blaming President Obama/Democrats for something we caused since January 20, 2009.”  I mean, let’s face it, these are the same people who actually try to convince millions of Americans (and have been extremely successful at doing so) that […]

Amazon Announces Future Plans to Use Drones, Conspiracy Theorists Ridiculously Lose Their Minds

I swear, sometimes people are so incredibly gullible it’s just sad.  Now I get emotional reactions to things.  I’ve been guilty of reacting emotionally to certain situations.  But sometimes people just really need to use their heads just a bit more. By now, many of you have undoubtedly heard about the “ambitious” plan by […]

If You’re Still Pissed About Benghazi, You Better Not Be Pissed About the NSA’s Tactics

I’m sick of hearing about Benghazi. So, I can’t believe I am about to write another article with the word Benghazi anywhere in it. Just writing the word makes me cringe. However, while I was standing in my kitchen washing the dishes yesterday, I took a moment to reflect on current political issues. That’s when […]