Trump’s Response to Syria’s Chemical Weapons Attack Further Proves He’s a Weak, Incompetent Fool

It’s not exactly a secret that Donald Trump has no idea what he’s doing. An incompetent fool who our allies don’t trust and our enemies don’t fear, the United States has never been mocked more, or respected less, than right now. In just over a year in office, Trump’s incompetence has helped strengthen Russia’s influence […]

John McCain Slams Trump: President ‘Emboldened’ Assad to Launch Chemical Attack

Despite Donald Trump’s pathetic attempt to blame the most recent chemical attack launched by Syrian Dictator Bashar al Assad on Barack Obama (yes, that really happened), this happened more than a year into his “presidency,” so any blame anyone might place on the United States for this act falls squarely on his shoulders. Though you […]

GOP Lawmaker Michele Fiore Hates Refugees, Says She Would ‘Fly To Paris And Shoot ‘Em Myself’

Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore is Nevada’s answer to Michele Bachmann. In fact, I think she may even be crazier than Bachmann, and her rhetoric is certainly more violent in nature. Fiore is apparently so vehemently against Syrian refugees, who she lumps in with terrorists, that she has stated she would fly to Paris and shoot them in […]

Jewish Holocaust Museum Warns Lawmakers Not To Ignore Syrian Refugees

Back in the 1930s, many members of my family lived in Germany. With the rise of Hitler, some realized something very bad was on the horizon, and they got out of the country. Others thought it was just a minor turn toward nationalism after the embarrassment of Germany after WWI, and decided to ride out […]

President Obama Mocks Republicans For Paranoia Over Syrian Refugees

Almost anywhere you go in this country, especially in rural areas, you’re bound to see cars and trucks with decals celebrating guns and slogans talking a big game about standing up to terrorism. A couple of days ago, Family Research Council president Tony Perkins declared that terrorists were unlikely to target the South because of […]

Shepard Smith Crushes Unpatriotic ‘Political Extremists’ Opposing Syrian Refugees (Video)

While Fox News is basically nothing more than the media arm of the Republican party, there are still brief moments where reality (and sanity) do make an appearance. Most commonly I find these instances from Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace, but even Megyn Kelly has her rare moments from time to time. Well, as the country […]

President Obama Blasts Republican Hypocrisy On Syrian Immigrants

Republicans and conservative media have had a field day with fear-mongering about terrorism in the wake of the attacks in Paris. A number of Republican governors have announced that they would try to block the federal government’s plan to give asylum to 10,000 Syrian immigrants in the United States over the next year, and right-wing […]

Turning Away Syrian Refugees Is Exactly What ISIS Wants Us To Do

In 1939, a ship full of Jewish refugees set sail from Hamburg, Germany headed for Havana, Cuba. These men, women and children, like Syrian refugees today, sought to escape persecution in their homeland. The S.S. St. Louis made it to Cuba, only to be turned away by authorities – the same thing happened when they […]

Ben Carson Warns About United States Accepting Refugees After Paris Attacks

Yesterday, over 120 people were killed in Paris by ISIS. While the rest of the world expressed sorrow and horror in reacting to this tragedy, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson made it a point to harness it for his own political agenda. Bear in mind this is the same guy who has claimed he was OK with shooting down […]

Ben Carson Apparently Doesn’t Think Shooting Down a Russian Plane is a Big Deal (Audio)

Dr. Ben Carson has repeatedly demonstrated recently during his book promotion tour presidential campaign that he not only has a fuzzy grasp on the facts of his own life, but that he also knows very little about foreign policy. He’s also claimed that free college would destroy our country, and that evolution was a lie […]