We Must Put an End to the Biggest Republican Lie About Taxes

One of the biggest go-to lines for many Republicans when talking about the economy is to bash our tax code. Granted, it is an insanely complicated mess that even many in the tax industry struggle to understand. For decades, “simplifying the tax code” has been a talking point pushed by almost every Republican in this […]

5 Issues On Which Republicans Are Right – And Devastatingly Wrong

I’ve been called both a radical leftist liberal by conservatives and right-wing conservative in disguise by liberals.  But I also believe that if both the far-left and far-right disagree with you, then you’re probably doing something right. I’ll be honest, I don’t think Republicans are wrong on everything.  In fact, I agree with them on […]

These 10 Companies Paid No Taxes Despite Earning Billions in Revenue

There’s always a lot of talk from conservatives about those “lazy welfare moochers abusing the system.”  Republicans like to pretend as if it’s these people who are responsible for all of our country’s problems.  That somehow the financial crash that led to trillions being added to our national debt was the fault of the poor […]

Apple’s Dodging $17 Million a Day in Taxes — But They’re Not The Real Problem

The other night I wrote an article about how oil companies in Oklahoma (who certainly aren’t lacking for profit margins) receive additional subsidies from the state, while things like storm shelters for older schools go unfunded. As outrageous as this is, it is a small example of a much larger problem. While Congress was busy […]