It Takes Willful Stupidity to Continue Buying into the Republican Con of Trickle-Down Economics

To put it bluntly, the theory of trickle-down economics is based upon the idea that the best way to help the poor and middle class is by allowing the rich to hoard more money. Sounds incredibly stupid, right? It should — because it is. As someone who worked in the service industry for over eight […]

In One Tweet, Donald Trump Proves that Trickle-Down Economics is a Massive Scam

Trickle-down economics is essentially the belief that if we cut taxes for the rich, they’ll create job and boost wages, making life better for everyone else. To put it bluntly, trickle-down economics is the absurd idea that the best way to make life better for poor and middle class Americans is by allowing the rich […]

Fact-Checking Site Finds No Evidence to Support Key Piece of Republican Economic Propaganda

For the past 40 years, most of the GOP’s economic platform has been centered around what’s most commonly known as trickle-down economics. It’s the belief that cutting taxes will spur economic growth, create jobs, and make everyone’s lives a whole lot better. Except four decades living under this economic philosophy has proven what an absolute […]

Republican Tax Cut Disaster: Kansas’ Economy Continues to Sink After Governor Promised Growth

It’s no secret that the Republican party’s economic ideology is based on tax cuts, commonly referred to as “trickle-down economics.” It’s generally the belief that the more the rich have, the better off the rest of us will be via more jobs, higher wages and a stimulated economy. Except, that’s not at all what’s happened. Over the […]

Kansas Republicans Just Admitted That Cutting Taxes to “Boost the Economy” is a Scam

It’s not exactly a secret that the entire Republican economic philosophy is built on tax cuts and deregulation. Practically every time House Speaker John Boehner talks about a “jobs plan” that Republicans are pushing, it’s just a bill that calls for tax cuts for the rich and deregulations that favor big business. Basically whenever you […]

The Republican Party and the Great Conservative Long Con

Something I often like to do in my interactions with Republicans is make them defend their ideologies. It’s like a recent piece I wrote where I asked conservatives what the Republican party has actually done for them. It’s easy for conservatives to regurgitate talking points that have been spoon fed to them by the right-wing […]

Debunking the Republican Myth of Economic Prosperity Through Tax Cuts

Before getting started, this isn’t going to be some elaborate analysis of tax rates, or economic patterns outlining why trickle-down economics is a scam. Because, honestly, there’s really no point. It’s an indisputable fact that the richest among us in this country (as well as Wall Street and big corporations) have never done better. They’ve […]

5 Popular Conservative Talking Points Debunked By Common Sense

The words “common sense” and “conservative” don’t often go together.  Especially since the rise of the tea party.  You know, the people who base facts and reality based on what they want to be real instead of what actually is real. But while reading through a few comments left by conservatives on several of my articles, I […]

Republicans Approve $310 Billion in Tax Cuts for Big Corporations, Remove $12 Million to Help Foster Children

I think the thing that baffles me so much about Republican voters is that their own party doesn’t try to hide the fact that they’re a shill for the richest among us and big business.  Nearly every economic policy they support clearly favors these two groups, while almost every cut they push for targets the […]

Scott Walker Throwing Wisconsin Under the Bus for His Own Presidential Aspirations

Tax cuts and the Republican party are synonymous with one another.  Cutting taxes has been an intricate part of the Republican platform for as long as I’ve been alive, and the rhetoric only seems to be getting worse with each passing year.  It’s essentially their entire economy policy. How are we going to grow our […]