Fox Business Host Calls Walgreens ‘Shameful’ for Not Using Loopholes to Avoid Paying Taxes (Video)

If you haven’t heard of the term “inversion,” let me try to simplify it for you. ¬†It’s a trick some companies use to claim that their profits are mostly made overseas so they can avoid paying taxes here in the United States. ¬†Granted, it’s slightly more complicated than that, but that’s generally what the process […]

Senator Bernie Sanders Blasts Walgreens For Tax Evasion

In a recent article submitted to Reddit, Senator Bernie Sanders blasted Walgreens for their plans to possibly move their headquarters to Switzerland in order to pay less taxes. The drug retail chain, which is the largest in the United States, has been considering the move which would allow them to pay nearly $800 million less […]

Want to Know the Root of our “Welfare” Problem? It’s the Corrupt Idiots in Congress.

It seems that every properly organized propaganda campaign or classic Disney film has a hero, a villain and a damsel in distress that only the dashing hero can save. In the fairy tale we’re about to discuss, the damsel in distress is America and only by defeating the evil “welfare queen,” can she be saved. […]