Louisiana Senate Committee Votes To Eliminate Sales Tax Holidays, Except For Guns

Like a number of other states, Louisiana has what are known as “tax holidays” when certain items are not charged a sales tax in order to make them a little more affordable. With sales taxes that can reach up to 9% in some areas of the state when you combine state and local rates, people […]

10 Easy Ways For Republicans To Solve Most Of Their Problems

I often like to be generous, even toward my conservative opposition.  Why always battle when I can help?  So that’s what I’ve decided I’m going to do with this article. See, many times I run across conservatives who are just angry.  I mean, geez, these people can get down right nasty.  They’ll air their grievances, […]

Governor Christie Responds to Rand Paul’s Ignorance, Exposes Huge Republican Lie About Spending

Normally I don’t give much attention to squabbles within the Republican party, but the war of words between New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has been fantastic. And while I’m not a huge fan of Chris Christie (after all, he’s still a Republican who supports many of their ridiculous ideological beliefs) […]

Rand, Ron and their Misanthropic Southern Strategy

Libertarians do not like being confused with conservatives. To be fair, they are not. Conservatism is about a reaction against the movement towards freedom and equality in protecting, as best it can, the status quo; libertarianism isn’t concerned about the status quo and focuses on freedom – for some. A very small subgroup of already […]

The Bankruptcy of Detroit is the Future of America under the GOP

Today it was announced that Detroit was filing for bankruptcy, making it the largest US city to go belly-up in our history. While it was no surprise that this was something that would eventually happen, the scary thing is that many other cities and even our own country are headed in this same direction. This […]

The Lie About Job Creation Republicans Don’t Want You to Think About

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the con of Trickle Down Economics.  Because that’s what I feel it is, a giant con.  It was concocted by those with money and power to manipulate a society into believing salvation lies by giving them more while everyone else gets their scraps. What I believe in is Demand Side Economics.  Because […]

If Republican Ideology Is So Great, Why Are So Many of Their States Poor?

It’s always been something that’s confounded me.  Republicans talk in length about the greatness of Republican economic ideology, and how it’s the only thing that can bring our country to greatness. But outside of Texas, what strongly Republican state is a highly desirable place in which to live?  And even in Texas, where I live, […]