This Week in Colonial Gaze: Bachmann, Gohmert, Katy Perry, and the White Maasai-ah.

A prelude to every late night talk show joke for the next year: Perpetual embarrassments, Islamo-antagonists, and Tea Partying US Congresscritters Michele Bachmann (MN), Louie Gohmert (TX), and Steve King (IA) walk into a room with cameras, flags, and microphones and declare an Egyptian press conference. I’m not sure if this press conference actually contained members […]

Republican Clown Show Heads to Egypt to Undermine the United States (Video)

When I think of sending members of Congress to a foreign country on a diplomatic mission, I think of well-seasoned politicians who have a long standing history of compromise and bipartisanship.  Those who work well with their colleagues even when they have differing views on certain issues. What I don’t think of is the posse of Michele […]