How Radical has the Republican Party Become? One State Perfectly Sums Up the Insanity

I’ve talked with several moderate Republicans who shockingly don’t disagree with me when I say the tea party is extremely dangerous.  They can’t stand what it’s done to the Republican party, and they’re genuinely terrified that I’m right in my assessment that it will eventually destroy the GOP. While there are seemingly countless examples showcasing […]

Far-Right Conservatives Whining in DC: “The Conservative Movement has Come Under Attack”

This is just hilarious.  Following the announcement of the Murray-Ryan budget deal (a deal that neither side is particularly fond of but most agree that it’s a step in the right direction toward bipartisanship), far right-wing conservatives in Congress have been quite angry.   After all, how dare Congress do something without their minority opinion, right? […]

John Boehner Blasts Right-Wing Groups for Opposing Budget Deal that They’ve Never Read

Things are getting really interesting within the Republican party.  Upon the announcement of the Murray-Ryan bipartisan budget agreement, far-right conservatives have been less than happy.  Leading the charge has been well-known conservative groups like Heritage Action and Freedomworks that almost instantly voiced opposition, which apparently got under the skin of House Speaker John Boehner. When […]

The GOP Can’t Win In 2016 Without At Least Changing This One Thing

In the Republican primaries these days, it seems as if the most radically conservative candidate gets the nod to go on to the general election. Last year we saw candidates like Rick Santorum force establishment candidate Mitt Romney to pander so hard to the right-wing that he had no chance of beating President Obama in […]

The Radical “7 Cultural Mountains” Conservative Movement and Why Liberals Should be Terrified

It’s no secret that the Republican party is actively trying to turn this nation into some form of theocracy.  Well, at least socially.  The GOP is some kind of hybrid where their economic ideologies are based on the philosophies of Ayn Rand (a devout atheist) while their social ideologies are based on some warped view […]

Ted Cruz Walks Away From Reporters When Asked if Chris Christie is a “Real Conservative”

I think it’s safe to say that 2016 is going to be quite interesting.  For liberals, it most likely means Hillary Clinton will be our presidential candidate.  For Republicans, heck—who knows.  As it stands now it’s almost a lock we’ll see Chris Christie, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul in the mix.  Probably Marco Rubio and […]

There is No Debate — Republicans Are the Damn Problem

These last few years, discussing politics has at times been absolutely maddening.  I’ve never seen such irrational denial of facts, reality, science or history in my entire life.  I really never thought I’d see a point in our society where indisputable facts were no longer viable tools to use to support an argument. But that’s […]

Colin Powell Calls Out Republicans, Tells Them What They Really Don’t Want to Hear

Since the Supreme Court struck down parts of the Voting Rights Act, Republican legislatures across the country have nearly fallen over themselves trying to pass new, much more restrictive, voting laws which clearly seek to suppress the vote of those who often don’t vote for Republicans. Which makes sense.  We’ve literally not had one single […]