Rand Paul’s Hypocrisy Shines Through During Shameless Ferguson Trip to Pander to African-American Voters

Whenever politicians say things like “our party needs to reach out to African-American voters,” I cringe. Not because they’re saying that they need to focus more on helping the African-American community, but because you shouldn’t have to make a conscious effort to “push your party” toward policies that don’t discriminate against people. Because if that’s […]

The Tea Party is Nothing More Than a Bunch of Cowards and Hypocrites

Following House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s stunning defeat in his primary election to David Brat, the tea party is riding high with many of their supporters claiming that this is a “clear sign that Americans support tea party values.” I love how arrogant these people can be.  They love gloating about their “stance for our […]

It’s Time We Admit the Truth: The Tea Party is Hoping for the Downfall of the United States

My belief that the tea party is a form of terrorist group has sparked quite the debate.  While I don’t consider them a terrorist group in the same sense of the stereotypical radical Islamist militant group most people think of, in my eyes they’re still a domestic terrorist organization. I fully believe that if it […]

The Difference Between a Tea Party “Patriot” and a Real Patriot

Republicans are great at coining a term and using it over and over and over and over and – well you get the point.  It’s as if there’s a secret handbook only conservatives are given access to where they’re instructed which words to say and when to say them.  Rich people aren’t wealthy, they’re “job […]

Rand Paul Puckered Up and Kissed the Tea Party Right on Their Backsides During his CPAC Speech

It’s not secret that I think Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is an absolute joke.  For me, he floats between that spoiled kid who owes all his success to his dad and that kid in school who was pathetically desperate to hang out with the “cool kids.” Though don’t think for a minute that I’m calling […]

Ted Cruz’s Latest Pathetic Comments on Gay Rights Prove His Hypocrisy Once Again

It’s not really “breaking news” that Ted Cruz has taken up another key right-wing talking point – opposition to same-sex marriage.  It goes along perfectly with my theory that he’s nothing more than a shill for the tea party.  He figures that the only way he stands any chance at winning the nomination is to […]

MLK Day Flashback: Teacher Refused Award from Paul Ryan, Called Him a ‘Lackey for the 1%’ (WATCH)

On this day, as we celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., you should undoubtedly hear a lot of people talk about how heroic he was for the things he did to usher in a new era of civil rights in this country. Which is to be expected.  Dr. King was great man, […]

The 10 Most Detestable Right-Wing Personalities

While writing a few of my articles, I’ve talked about particular right-wing media personalities or politicians who I consider “the ones I detest the most.”  I strongly disagree with conservatives on most issues, but there are a select few who I absolutely cannot stand.  The ones who seem to go out of their way to […]

The Republican Ten Commandments

I hold a firm belief that religion and politics should never be mixed.  These are two subjects that by themselves are controversial enough, let alone mixing them together.  Our Founding Fathers knew this, which is probably why they didn’t use the word “Christianity” even once in our Constitution.  Our First Amendment clearly states that, “Congress […]

Ted Cruz is Angry that President Obama Isn’t Arresting Colorado Pot Smokers – Seriously

Hard-right conservatives love to talk about states’ rights and quote the 10th Amendment, which reads as follows: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” Every single chance they get, out comes the 10th Amendment […]