It’s Back! CPAC Starts Today – Get Ready for the Right-Wing Insanity

As a human being, the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) offends me on more levels than I can possibly list.  As a commentator, it’ll be three of the easiest days of writing I’ve had in a while. Essentially, it’s where a bunch of conservatives get together and spout off total nonsense, perpetuate propaganda and […]

Tea Party Nation President Writes Possibly the Most Insane Letter You Will Ever Read

I thought long and hard about how to write this article.  I literally just read quite possibly the most insane thing I’ve ever come across.  It was written by the president of the Tea Party Nation, Judson Phillips, in response to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoing the anti-LGBT bill that was passed by the Arizona […]

Ted Nugent Goes Off on Racist Rant, Says Liberals are “Slave Drivers” to the Black Community

Let me preface this with a proclamation: I cannot stand Ted Nugent.  The very sight of this bottom-feeding hypocrite just makes my blood boil.  Hearing him spew his ridiculous nonsense is a true test to my patience as a human being.  He’s one of those people who, while I never wish bad things on anyone, […]

You Won’t Believe Why This California Tea Party Candidate Says You Should Vote for Him (Video)

I have a confession to make: I love election years.  Granted, every November brings about some kind of election, but the big ones every other year are always the best.  The absolute absurdity that emanates from some of these candidates is astounding. And while I find just a little more humor in those headlining candidates […]

If Republicans Want to Save Their Party, They Must Permanently Destroy the Tea Party

The tea party was initially embraced by the Republican party as a mechanism to reinvent itself after the Bush administration.  See, for all their finger pointing at President Obama, they went out of their way to try to wash away any remnants of G.W. Bush.  Yes, the tea party was also a response to Barack […]

Sarah Palin Defends Ted Cruz’s Stance on Obamacare By Making it All About Sarah Palin

Well, you just had to know eventually Sarah Palin would have something to say about the push by Ted Cruz (and others) to possibly shutdown our government.  And while I know many who read this will say, “Why are you giving her attention!” — the fact of the matter is she is still a driving […]

Eager to Prove Neither Understands How Government Works, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz Plan “Defund Obamacare” Rally

In an apparent joint attempt to prove that neither of these men understand how our government works, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are planning an anti-Obamacare rally for the first day when Congress returns from their August recess. What’s the main focus going to be?  You guessed it — defunding the Constitutionally-upheld law. Two of […]