Blatant Racism on Full Display During Tea Party Rally in Front of White House (Video)

For years, conservatives have denied that race has anything to do with their often irrational hatred toward President Obama. And for years, progressives, liberals and Democrats have said those conservatives denying that race has anything to do with this irrational hatred toward President Obama are full of crap. In fact, I’ve argued that Barack Obama […]

The Tea Party is Throwing a Racist Hissy Fit in Mississippi

The tea party in Mississippi is really angry.  After all, how dare African Americans vote, right?  Because that’s pretty much the message I’m getting after Chris McDaniel lost his Republican primary battle against incumbent Thad Cochran. Especially after a few Democrats, who happen to be African American, admitted to voting for Cochran. In Mississippi, you don’t have […]

Republicans Really Needs to Stop Pretending That The Tea Party Isn’t Filled with Racists

I’ve said often that I don’t like talking about race much because it’s a conversation that rarely gets us anywhere.  No matter how many examples of racism I might point out within the Republican party, and conservatives in general, they’ll always simply dismiss those examples as “that’s the opinion of that person – not the whole party.” […]

The Tea Party Exists Mainly Because Many Rural Whites Just Don’t Like a Black Guy Being in Charge

I’ll be honest, I really don’t like to talk about racism as it pertains to President Obama.  Not because it isn’t there — I actually believe it’s rampant throughout the Republican party — but because it’s just an argument that rarely gets us anywhere. You can’t “prove” racism.  Sure, you can use a few examples, […]

Tea Party Idiocy on Full Display as Racism and Confederate Flag Displayed at White House Protest

Anyone who had heard about the Million Vet March on the Memorials knew this march wasn’t meant to be any kind of political statement.  Though you had to know that some participating in the march would participate based on their own political ideological beliefs. You also shouldn’t be shocked that Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin and […]