Speaker John Boehner Confirms Republicans Will Target Obamacare Once Again

Welcome to the new Congress, same as the old Congress. Ok, everyone who didn’t see this one coming, please raise your hands. In the wake of the really bad election last November for Democrats, Republicans are particularly emboldened now that they have an even larger majority in the House, as well as control of the […]

Most Absurd Member Of Congress Thinks He’d Be A Great Replacement For Boehner As House Speaker (Video)

When it comes to Rep. John Boehner and how he’s done as Speaker of the House, I’ve made myself pretty clear. This is a guy who’s presided over one of the most do-nothing Congresses in our country’s history and he’s been bullied around by no-name freshman congressmen on more than a few instances. He’s just been […]

GOP Rep. to Furloughed Workers About Back Pay: If You’re Not Working You “Shouldn’t Get Paid”

Since the government closed over a week ago, there has been no shortage of ridiculous comments coming from many members of the Republican party relating to the antics that have gone on.  While most of the comments are your typical partisan political talking points, some have been outright disgusting. A perfect example of this came, […]

GOP Rep. Yoho Shows His Idiocy, Says Not Raising Debt Ceiling “would bring stability to world markets”

We’re living in a day and age where facts seem to have suddenly become subjective.  Well, at least if you’re a Republican.  We’re also living in an age where it seems the entire GOP lives in a world where their supporters believe reality is based upon what they want to be real instead of what is real.  And the […]

Republican Congressman Goes Birther while Discussing Syria, Questions if Obama is a Real American

I read a lot of really “less than intelligent” (my polite way to say stupid) comments from politicians.  Some are general “political speak” which you’ll see from both Republicans and Democrats, a few are specific to their general system of beliefs and then some are outright ridiculous. Anyone I encounter who perpetuates the outrageous belief known […]

Real Life Voters Elected These People to Represent Them. Let that sink in for a minute…

From the “you can’t make this sh*t up” files we have the news that a member of Congress recently brought up the tired “birther” conspiracy — and also claimed that Obamacare is racially prejudiced against white people. Congressman Ted Yoho (R-FL) pretty much exposed the whole reason the GOP keeps playing the “Obama wasn’t born […]

The Most Ridiculous Republican Attempt to Paint President Obama as a Racist You Will Ever See

I’ve been thinking about doing a satire piece about Republicans accusing President Obama of being a racist.  But after reading the comments that came from freshman Florida Congressman Ted Yoho, no amount of creative satire could be nearly as ridiculous as what he actually said. Essentially, he said that the 10% “tanning tax” included in […]