Tennessee County Drafts Resolution Begging to be Spared from God’s Wrath

It’s rare that I’m ever rendered speechless over something I’ve seen or read, but that’s exactly what happened when I read a story out of Tennessee that seemed like it had to be some bizarre form of satire. Apparently the Blount County Board of Commissioners is being asked to consider a resolution begging that God spare […]

Why Are Military Recruiters Unarmed? You Can Thank The South For That

In the wake of the Chattanooga, Tennessee shooting that kiled 4 Marines and one sailor, there has been a call by many people to arm recruiters and other military personnel who could potentially find themselves in a similar situation. Other individuals, some of which are members of militia groups, have taken it upon themselves to […]

Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Pastor Pillow Addresses the Joint Chiefs

Hello, I’m Pastor Pillow! It’s not every day a man of the cloth is invited to address the Joint Chiefs of Staff. So to begin, I want this august body to know that Cubic Zirconium Cathedral Ministries is always here to serve Uncle Sam, Adam Smith and Lady Liberty. I wouldn’t call that the American […]

“Religious Freedom” At Work: Tenn. Swingers Club Is Claiming It’s A Church To Get Around Zoning Laws

In a day and age where it seems like all we ever hear about is negative news, this story actually made me laugh. In case you’re unaware, Tennessee is a fairly religious state, recently trying (and surprisingly failing) to make the Bible its “official state book.” It’s also one of the states that have adopted […]

Tennessee Lawmaker: Child Being Hit With Stray Bullet Is Just An Act of God (Video)

Dealing with gun nuts easily ranks near the top of my list as one of the most frustrating things I have to endure. I would much rather deal with a religious fanatic for 12 hours than a gun nut for even 15 minutes. While both groups of people are often completely ridiculous, the stupidity it […]

GOP State Rep. Susan Lynn Wants To Stop “No Go Zones” In Tennessee

Who knew that Tennessee was under threat from Muslim extremism? Perhaps one plucky Republican lawmaker finally has evidence that President Obama is a secret atheist Muslim fascist sent to destroy capitalism and teach elementary school children the Koran at the madrasas he’s setting up at all of the FEMA camps that Christian conservatives will soon […]

Tennessee Republican Wants To Make The Bible The Official State Book

When I see these headlines, I always say to myself “please don’t let it be Louisiana, please don’t let it be Louisiana, please don’t let it be Louisiana!” as I go to click the link. After all, with Bobby Jindal running the state (when he’s not off on yet another Iowa visit), you never know […]

Republican Governor Bill Haslam Embraces Obamacare, Sort Of

While the long fight by Republicans to defund and repeal the Affordable Care Act (also known as “Obamacare”) goes on, at least one Republican governor has decided to embrace it. No, there wasn’t a sudden flash of reason, it’s just that it seems people (including many Republicans) like the Affordable Care Act, just as long […]

Open Carry Advocate Wearing Bulletproof Vest Paces Near TN High School Armed with Assault Rifle (Video)

A Tennessee open carry advocate who’s been arrested numerous times for parading around town carrying guns, scaring the hell out of residents, took things to another level when he picked his latest place to “advocate for guns” – a local high school. Yes local Nashville resident Leonard Embody decided to strap on a bulletproof vest […]

What Do The Ten Worst States To Live In Have In Common?

CNBC recently released a story titled “America’s 10 worst states to live in” and the results were not surprising. Before you jump down my throat, this is CNBC, a financial TV channel, not just some blogger’s opinion. Here’s how they came to their conclusion: There are many ideal places around the country to raise a […]