Texas State Sen. Charles Perry Says Separation Of Church And State Is Like The Holocaust

In politics, few things are more ridiculous than comparing your political opponents to Hitler or the Nazis. Whether you’re a liberal, conservative, libertarian or anything else, nothing says hyperbole like proving Godwin’s Law right off the bat. This is a problem with all political movements, especially when you’re catering to low-information voters and screaming about […]

Texas’ Abortion Law Partially Struck, Proving Rick Perry is a Hypocrite who Wastes Taxpayer Funds

Who could forget Wendy Davis’ spectacular filibuster? It was this filibuster that caused Texas Governor Rick Perry to hold a second special session, in order to allow the Texas legislature to pass extremely restrictive new abortion legislation – part of which was struck down this morning. These two sessions cost Texas taxpayers an estimated 1.6 […]