Coward Greg Abbott Has Plenty of Time to Campaign with Ted Nugent, Hardly Any Time to Debate Wendy Davis

I’ve always maintained that any politician who does whatever they can to avoid debates should never receive a single vote from anyone.  If you’re too much of a coward to debate issues publicly, you’re either unfit to hold the office for which you’re running or you’re hiding something. Kind of like what the RNC is […]

Wendy Davis Absolutely Hammers Conservatives for Supporting Sexual Predator Ted Nugent

What’s the biggest thing I’ve taken from Wendy Davis’ opponent for Governor of Texas Greg Abbott’s decision to buddy up with admitted sexual predator Ted Nugent for a few campaign stops? It’s okay to admit that you had an addiction to underaged girls as long as you love guns and hate President Obama. Can you […]

Sarah Palin Praises Ted Nugent, Endorses Wendy Davis’ Opponent For Governor of Texas

An article that combines Sarah Palin and Ted Nugent – my head might explode before I finish this.  All it needs is a dose of Rush Limbaugh and it would be a great trifecta of some of the most disgusting conservative celebrities. And yes, I consider Sarah Palin a celebrity.  The woman was Governor of Alaska (even […]

Wendy Davis’ Opponent Greg Abbott Hitting the Campaign Trail With Draft-Dodger Ted Nugent

Most people who follow me know that I absolutely cannot stand Ted Nugent.  Even if you’re a “gun lover,” I don’t get how anyone can stand the guy.  Especially considering he’s full of crap. He talks big about being a “proud American patriot,” yet refused to bathe for a month, defecated on himself and did […]

Wendy Davis’ Daughters Slam Disgusting Right-Wing Attacks Against Their Mother

I think most people knew that once a powerful Texas woman (who happens to be a Democrat) decided to run for Governor of Texas, the attacks against her were going to get very ugly.  I mean this is a strong, independent woman against the Republican party – and Republicans don’t like strong, independent women. Well […]

How Disgusting Are Attacks on Wendy Davis Getting? A Texas Republican Has Come to Her Defense

As most people familiar with me know, I live in Texas and I’ve lived here all my life.  It shocks some to think that someone with my political beliefs was born and raised in Texas.  Believe it or not, there are millions of liberals in Texas.  Gerrymandering and an unfortunate Republican majority have just choked […]

Person Threatens Wendy Davis’ Life with ‘.50 Cal Head Ache’ on Greg Abbott’s Facebook Page

I’ve never been a violent person.  Now I’m not saying I haven’t been involved in an altercation or two when I was younger, or I don’t suffer from the occasional bout of mild road rage, but the vile hatred and disgust I’ve seen many people display as political commentators has been nothing short of appalling. […]