Gun Activist Kory Watkins Warns TX Lawmakers ‘Treason’ Is ‘Punishable By Death’ (VIDEO)

Apparently the perceived right to open carry a weapon is more important than life itself, according to Cop Block and Open Carry Tarrant County coordinator Kory Watkins. Watkins has been the face of the open carry movement in Texas and has not only been actively protesting for the ability to carry a weapon in public […]

The Bible, Rated X: Careful Where You Stick Your Colon

Article III in a Series About a Book so Important They Called it “The Book” Click here for Article I and Article II. [1] In the first two articles in this series, we learned that, contrary to what Rick Warren and Focus on the Family would have you believe, the Bible is sometimes more Penthouse […]

Republican Crooks in Texas Find Ways to Unethically End Wendy Davis’ Courageous Filibuster

Please excuse my language—but I am beyond pissed off. I had this feeling that somehow, someway, these right-wing bastards in Texas would find a way to stop Wendy Davis’ courageous filibuster of an anti-abortion bill that represents a direct attack on women’s rights in Texas. And I almost knew, they would let her go on […]

Sponsor of Texas Anti-Abortion Bill opposes rape exemption because “Rape Kits” take care of it

Imagine your daughter going casually through her life.  Studying for school, top of her class, just a mere 24 months from graduating with a promising future in a leading medical school to fulfill her life-long dream of being a doctor.  Nearly every moment in her life has been spent geared toward achieving this goal. Then […]