TX State Rep. Molly White Wants Muslim Visitors To Pledge Allegiance Before Meeting With Her Staff

Over the last couple of weeks, Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal was the torchbearer for the anti-Muslim fringe of the Republican Party as he repeated claims that even Fox News retracted regarding “no-go zones” in Europe that were allegedly controlled by Muslims. He’s apparently relinquished the torch, at least temporarily, to a Texas state representative named […]

Unbelievable: Texas Admits to Partisan Gerrymandering and Racism–Claims It Isn’t as Bad as the 60’s

It’s amazing the kind of honesty that will come out when someone, or something, is forced to defend themselves in court against harsh accusations. ¬†And that’s exactly what we’re seeing with the State of Texas defending its new strict voting laws against the Department of Justice’s accusations that they’re targeting minorities. You see, Republicans in […]