The Top 5 Politicians I Would Like To See Indicted Besides Rick Perry

It was announced yesterday that Texas Governor Rick Perry was indicted on two felony charges. One was for coercion of a public servant, the other for abuse of official capacity. In a nutshell, these charges stem from threatening to slash funding for a prosecutor’s office that investigated public corruption if the person overseeing it didn’t […]

Sore Loser Chris McDaniel’s Campaign Allegedly Paid Pastor to Lie About Opponent Buying Voters

Chris McDaniel is the tea party Republican who just won’t go away.  After losing his primary election to incumbent Sen. Thad Cochran a few weeks ago, McDaniel has been engulfed in what’s best described as the political equivalent of a hissy fit. McDaniel has accused the Cochran campaign of several campaign violations.  But the main […]

The Tea Party is Throwing a Racist Hissy Fit in Mississippi

The tea party in Mississippi is really angry.  After all, how dare African Americans vote, right?  Because that’s pretty much the message I’m getting after Chris McDaniel lost his Republican primary battle against incumbent Thad Cochran. Especially after a few Democrats, who happen to be African American, admitted to voting for Cochran. In Mississippi, you don’t have […]