The Bachmann Diaries: America Will Face Real Sharknados Because Of Obama

Dear Diary, I’m a movie star! The producers of the blockbuster series “Sharknado” asked me to make a cameo appearance (that’s movie talk for star) in “Sharknado 3,” and I think God made that happen to remind me, and everyone else, what is happening because of Barack Hussein Obama’s horrible policies and outright hatred of […]

The Bachmann Diaries: We Don’t Need An Abortion Museum!

Dear Diary, I was honored to speak to Congress Wednesday against the proposed National Women’s History Museum. As a Republican woman, who is pro-women like all Republicans are, this museum makes my blood boil. It’s being described as a “women’s history museum,” but it’s actually a museum honoring abortion. The most popular woman in the […]

The Bachmann Diaries: I Support Ted Bundy

Dear Diary, There was a bloody moon in the sky a few nights ago, and my dear friend and spiritual mentor, John Hagee, told all Christians this moon is a sign of the End Times. Now I know the commie liberal media thinks we’re all obsessed with the End Times, but look at America! We […]

Pastor Pillow Pulpit Special: Jesus Slips on a Banana Peel, Joel Osteen Laughs All the Way to the Bank

Pastor Pillow here! First, our apologies for the huge mess around here.  I swear all this dust is from sheetrock, not pet coke. The Christian Right Weekly Round-Up is in the middle of major construction the next few weeks. We’ve taken the lead of Prosperity Gospel moguls Joel Osteen and Kenneth Copeland and have decided […]