Fox News, Conservative Media Goes to Comical Lengths to Defend Trump From Latest Hypocrisy (Video)

I really hadn’t planned on writing anything about this so-called “controversy.” However, after seeing the lengths to which Fox News and some within the conservative media have gone to defend Donald Trump from it, I felt compelled to offer my two-cents. Of course, I’m talking about Trump bowing for the Saudi Arabian king. Honestly, I […]

Glenn Beck Compares Himself To Martin Luther King For Fighting Marriage Equality (Video)

Last week, Glenn Beck proudly proclaimed that there were at least 10,000 members of his “Black Robe Regiment” who were willing to die resisting the government over marriage equality. Now, before we go further, who in their right mind decides that the thought of two men or two women having the same rights as they […]

The Indiana Memories Pizza Fundraiser Is A Conservative Media Scam

By now, most of you have heard about the Indiana pizza shop that announced it would refuse to cater same-sex wedding ceremonies. I’m pretty sure most self-respecting gay couples wouldn’t serve pizza at their wedding receptions or rehearsals, but Memories Pizza went ahead and put their bigotry out there for everyone to know about it […]

Dish Network Exposes Fox News as Nothing More than a Conservative Entertainment Channel

By now many people have heard about Dish Network dropping Fox News (at least temporarily) from its broadcasts over a contract dispute. While contract disputes between networks and television providers are nothing new, Fox News being dumped by one of the country’s largest television providers has irritated many conservatives while humoring quite a few liberals. […]