Comedy Central Announces Jon Stewart Will Leave ‘The Daily Show’

I didn’t believe it at first when the link from A.V. Club was shared by The Onion, but then there it was on BBC, Politico and others: Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show when his contract expires this year. While many people don’t give Jon Stewart credit for being a legitimate news source, his […]

Absolute Absurdity: Free Lawyers For Fetuses In Alabama (VIDEO)

Last year, Alabama quietly passed HB 494. States pass bills all the time; bills to fix roads, or add some bigwig’s name to a library, or allocate funds for projects. In this case, HB 494 gives a free lawyer to fetuses. While actual people in Alabama may find themselves unable to afford an attorney, fetuses […]

Racial Rant Against Voting Rights on ‘The Daily Show’ Causes GOP Official to Resign

No matter how old I get, I’ll simply never understand racism.  Sure, I get disliking people.  I’ve met plenty of people throughout my life that I couldn’t stand.  But there’s a difference — I dislike people I’ve gotten to know or have had some kind of interaction with.  My dislike for them is based upon […]

Even Ben Franklin Agreed — The Constitution Isn’t All That, But We Are

The other day, after finally finishing a string of blog posts and needing to chill out and catch up on videos over the wifi at Dunkin Donuts, I caught an interview of Colin Quinn on The Daily Show. Quinn, a comic and former Saturday Night Live Weekend Update host, was on the show to promote […]