These Grocery Chains Have Been Selling Shrimp Made With Slave Labor

As Bubba said in the movie Forrest Gump, shrimp are “the fruit of the sea.” There’s all sorts of ways you can cook them, and they’re all delicious. Whether you’re buying cheap popcorn shrimp at Long John Silver’s or enjoying a shrimp cocktail at a $100,000 per ticket political fundraiser for Jeb Bush, shrimp are […]

There’s a Big Difference Between the Actions of Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden

Last week I wrote an article calling Bradley Manning a traitor, which¬†caused quite the uproar within the liberal community.¬† It even led to my appearance on HuffPost Live where I discussed Bradley Manning’s impact on the United States. Well, over the last week we’ve also had the story from The Guardian involving the NSA and […]