Sandy Hook Conspiracy Nut Disrupts Charity Race For Slain Newtown Teacher

Almost 3 years ago, a crazed 20-year-old gunman, armed with an AR-15 assault rifle and two pistols, gunned down 20 elementary school children and 6 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Almost as soon as the shooting was reported, conspiracy nuts declared that the horrific killing didn’t really happen. As ridiculous as it may seem, […]

Glenn Beck Claims Measles Outbreak Is A Government Plot

The conspiracy market is a small, but profitable one. Whether it’s stories about the government spraying chemicals from jet aircraft to dumb down the population, Jews controlling everything or anything else that sounds like it came from Coast To Coast AM, you can bet people like Glenn Beck or Alex Jones will cover it. This […]

The 5 Craziest Ebola Conspiracy Stories

You can turn to almost any news channel or Facebook page and almost inevitably, there’s one Ebola-related story after another. From respected sources like the BBC or NPR, to the most wacko blogspam conspiracy sites, everyone is covering the Ebola news. After all, it is a hot story and everyone one wants in on their […]

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The Left’s Problem With Facts Concerns Me Greatly

From time to time, people will be puzzled when I write articles on science. Trust me, all I have to do is mention GMOs, Monsanto, conspiracy nuts or Food Babe, and I will suddenly be inundated with angry comments wherever my article is posted. Take for example¬†a story I wrote a little while back exposing […]

Natural News Founder Accuses Scientists of Genocide, Hints They Should be Killed

I’m pretty sure that anyone who has been following my page for a while knows I am not a fan of a lot “alternative medicine” websites, Natural News being one of the top offenders. You may wonder what my beef with them is, so here you go. Sites like Natural News, The Mind Unleashed and […]

How Conspiracy Nuts Are Duping Well-Meaning Liberals

As you know, I have a very low opinion of conspiracy nuts and the media personalities who cater to their delusions, like Alex Jones. And while many people on the left like to say that insane ideas like Obama is a time-traveling, shape-shifting reptile from another dimension are confined solely to the paranoid, right-wing fringe, […]