There’s a Better Way:  Remarks to the 2016 South Carolina Democratic Party Convention

This is an expanded version of Arik Bjorn’s remarks delivered at the podium to the South Carolina Democratic Party. Good afternoon.  My name is Arik Bjorn. When you find yourself preaching to the choir, sometimes you just have to sing your heart out.  Let’s belt a bit, shall we? When the dust of Campaign 2016 […]

For the First Time In A Long Time, I Find Myself Extremely Disappointed In President Obama

I’ll be the first to admit that President Obama isn’t perfect. Then again, who is? History shows us that presidents are most popular during their first few weeks in office, because voters tend to have unrealistic expectations of what they can or cannot do. That’s something that I believe President Obama clearly faced. As our nation’s […]

Jon Stewart Dismantles The Idea That Bernie Sanders Is An Unelectable ‘Kook’ (Video)

Before Senator Bernie Sanders even formally announced his campaign for president, he was dismissed by many as “unelectable” or “too radical,” especially since he openly calls himself a “socialist” – a term Republicans have been incorrectly applying to President Obama who’s actually closer to a centrist Republican than they would like to admit. People have […]