Alex Jones Claims Caitlyn Jenner Is Distracting Us From Obama’s Plot To Take Our Guns

Conspiracy nuts like the people who believe anything Alex Jones says are probably my favorite folks to troll. All it takes is for me to write something that mentions vaccines, guns, genetic engineering of plants, the weather, Jews, banks or even toothpaste, and they’ll come out in droves to scream “wake up sheeple” like a […]

Leelah Alcorn: Another LGBT Child Lost Because Of Hate, Religious Fervor, And Ignorance.

Leelah Alcorn posted a suicide note to social media before taking her own life this past Sunday. The note detailed Leelah’s struggle with her conservative Christian parents as a transgender teenager. Her parents refused to accept Leelah, insisting on calling her “Josh,” and, according to Leelah’s heartbreaking note, forced her to attend “Christian therapy.” Her parents did […]

Liberals Need To Leave Conservative Women Alone, Seriously

“Another article lecturing us about Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin or not sharing stupid stuff on Facebook?” is probably the response I’m going to hear from a few people, but this is something I have to keep bringing up – because people just won’t stop doing it. Without fail, every time someone posts a picture of […]

Alex Jones Goes Off on Disgusting Sexist Rant About Michelle Obama

I think I’ve made my feelings about Alex Jones pretty clear.  Personally I think he’s nothing more than a bottom-feeding parasite that preys on people suffering from severe mental health issues. Because in my opinion the only way anyone could look at Alex Jones and say to themselves, “You know, he makes a lot of […]