There’s No More Denying It: Republicans Have Committed Treason

Most people who following my writing know I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist. While I’m clearly not afraid to express my opinion, I also try to present a rational and reasoned argument for why I believe the way I do. I’ve been called a fake liberal by many on the left and a radical […]

“Joe the Plumber” Advocates Assassination, Says ‘Guns Are Mostly for Hunting Down Politicians’

Following his first round of disgusting comments in his “open letter,” I really didn’t want to give Samuel Wurzelbacher any kind of attention.  After all, who cares what he has to say about gun rights?  He’s a nobody. But then I ran across his follow up to that pathetic letter where he said that guns […]

Florida Republican House Candidate Disgustingly Calls for Obama’s Hanging

Sometimes the word “stupidity” doesn’t quite properly describe just how outlandish and ignorant some people can be.  So calling Joshua Black, a Republican candidate for Florida House District 68, “stupid” really doesn’t do this idiot justice. This man took to Twitter to publicly call for the hanging of President Obama. Yes, you read that correctly, […]

While Bradley Manning Didn’t “Aid the Enemy,” He Most Certainly Betrayed His Country

I’m writing this fully expecting a huge “liberal backlash”—and that’s fine.  As I’ve said many times before, I write to express my opinions on certain topics, not to pander just so people will agree with what they’re reading. Almost 2 months ago, I wrote a piece where I did a little background on Bradley Manning and […]