Here’s the Trick Republicans Constantly Use to Screw Over the Majority of Americans

For decades Republicans have built their entire economic philosophy around “tax cuts,” ignoring the fact that for the last nearly 40 years, the only ones who’ve benefited from trickle-down economics have been the richest among us. Over the last four decades the wealth for the top 1-2 percent has reached levels not seen since prior to […]

When Republicans Complain About Stagnant Wages, They’re Proving Trickle-Down Economics Doesn’t Work

There are a few indisputable facts about our economy, such as the fact we’ve created over 8 million jobs in the last 4+ years of continuous private-sector job growth, unemployment is down to 6.7% and the stock market has reached record highs. A few other facts are that corporate profits are up, the wealthy are […]

A Fact About Trickle-Down Economics Republicans Really Don’t Want You to Think About

Pretty much anyone who follows politics knows that the economic theory Republicans subscribe to is something called trickle-down economics, sometimes referred to as “Reaganomics” since Ronald Reagan is most responsible for unleashing this economic ideology on the United States. Any mention of raising taxes or ending the gigantic scam of trickle-down economics causes Republicans to […]

Pope Francis Slams Trickle-Down Economics, Calls Out Republican Economic Policy

I’ll be honest — I’ve never been a big fan of any Pope, but then again I’m not a huge fan of organized religion at all.  Though I’m a Christian, I think too much is corrupted when an organized religion sinks their claws into faith, manipulating it for their own selfish benefits. That being said, […]

Republicans Walking Out on the GOP – Should Anyone Be Surprised?

As discontent with the GOP builds, a whole group from Maine just announced they were leaving the Republican Party. Effective immediately, we the undersigned are unenrolling from the Maine Republican Party. Furthermore, those of us who hold official Party positions, be they at the Republican National, State, County or even Town Committees, hereby resign. (Bangor […]

Working Class Rollback — Why Republicans Are the Ones Creating “Government Dependence”

We all want a deal. We all want to maximize our dollar spent; it’s only common sense. That’s why we seek “bargains” and look for the lowest price possible. After all, if a company is willing to sell you something dirt cheap, what’s the harm in taking them up on it? That’s capitalism, right? What […]

After Jobs Report, Republicans Admit Trickle-Down Economics Doesn’t Work

Like the first Friday of every month, our jobs numbers were released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics today.  For April we added over 165,000 jobs, while unemployment dropped to 7.5%. Along with that, the jobs reports for February and March were revised up.  So far for 2013 we’ve added 783,000 jobs. And like Republicans […]