Sanders Humiliates Herself with Completely Ridiculous Defense of Trump’s Sex Scandals (Video)

I’d feel sorry for people like Sean Spicer or Sarah Huckabee Sanders, but they volunteered to be Trump’s version of “Baghdad Bob,” so that’s entirely on them. Still, why anyone would want the job as Trump’s White House press secretary is beyond me. To have to spend most of your days answering for the comments […]

My 3 Biggest Fears Regarding a Donald Trump Presidency Have All Come True

My biggest fears about a Donald Trump presidency were never about his policies or even his incompetence — though those issues are definitely horrible — but the negative impact someone like him would have on our society as a whole. And, sadly, three of my biggest fears have seemingly all come true. 1. His behavior […]

Two Huge Stories on Monday Painted a Picture of Corruption Running Deep in Team Trump

As time goes on, the timeline connecting the dots between Donald Trump and the Kremlin continues to paint a clear picture of corruption and collusion. Two massive stories that broke on Monday, one from The New York Times, another from The Washington Post, offer some of the most damning pieces of evidence yet pointing toward […]