Dan Rather Rips WSJ Chief Editor’s Cowardly Stance on Calling Out Donald Trump’s Lies

One of the issues we face in this new world of fact-less political diatribe is the unfortunate side-effect that those who still care about the truth are now being attacked by propagandists as “hyper-partisan” or “biased” simply because those individuals choose to believe in or peddle fiction. Donald Trump is a perfect example of what […]

Here are 5 of the Biggest Lies the Media Needs to Stop Letting Donald Trump Get Away With

It’s been building for a while, but lately I’ve hit my limit when it comes to the media’s handling of Donald Trump’s campaign. They’ve been discussing his┬áridiculous behavior and vile comments — a lot — but they’re still not treating him how they do other politicians. Without a doubt, Trump is one of the most […]