Trump’s Unhinged Rants and Dangerously Erratic Behavior are Rooted in One Thing

Long before he was ever elected “president,” Donald Trump made it clear that if he won, he fully intended to try to rule over the United States like a dictator. This isn’t a man who respects our rule of law, the Constitution, or even our system of checks and balances — he just wants power. […]

Dear Donald Trump: Sit Down, Shut Up, and Listen You Ignorant Son of a B**ch

As I’ve said before, my disdain for Donald Trump has almost nothing to do with politics. I don’t loathe this sad excuse for a human being because he’s a Republican, I loathe him because he’s a vile piece of sh*t. There’s nothing redeemable about him — nothing. Is he a good father?┬áNot according to his […]

Donald Trump’s Position on the Flag Tells a Much Bigger Story Than Just Constitutional Ignorance

Another day, another example where our future dictator president proved that his four years in office are going to be an absolute nightmare. Donald Trump is the mixture of a man who’s egotistical enough to be dangerous, but incompetent enough to be absolutely terrifying. On Tuesday, he proved my point yet again by tweeting out […]