Here’s How Trump’s Supporters are Cementing His Place as the Worst President in History

Despite what Donald Trump and his supporters might think, his time in office has been a disaster. In just a few short months, he’s turned the United States into a global laughingstock and proven time and time again that he has absolutely no idea what he’s doing or what he’s talking about. The problem for […]

Call It Like It Is: Trump Supporters are Part of a Cult Following a Deranged Leader

While Donald Trump officially has the title of “president,” he’s really more of a cult leader than anything else. An unhinged madman who hasn’t found a conspiracy theory he doesn’t like, he’s admired by millions of Americans who will seemingly turn on anyone and anything when it comes to their blind devotion to Trump. In […]

Stats Showing Trump Was Elected By People Who Must Not Care About Reality and Facts

It’s no secret that Donald Trump’s path to the White House was fueled by lies, propaganda, conspiracies, racism, and bigotry. Millions of people were conned into voting for a hustler who did nothing more than spend his campaign pandering to their delusional, ignorant, and warped view of the world. People who seem to think that […]

5 Sad Reasons Why It’s Pointless to Try to Reason with Trump Supporters

Before getting started, let me begin by saying that while I know debating any supporter of Donald Trump is absolutely maddening, and usually completely pointless, I still think people should do it. Not because I believe many (if any) minds will be changed by presenting these folks with factual, rational arguments, but because I’ve found […]

Lost in All of Trump’s Lies, He’s Been Proven Right About One Key To His Success

It’s not every day you’ll see me say Donald Trump was right about anything (mostly because he rarely ever tells the truth), but when he called his supporters mindless idiots who’d support him no matter what he does — as painful as it is for me to say — he was absolutely right. It happened […]

This is the One Question I’ve Used That’s Stumped Trump Supporters the Most (Video)

One question might not change the minds of many Trump supporters, but it’s definitely shut a lot of them up, made them flustered and/or sent them into ridiculous tangents trying to avoid saying the only answer that makes sense. So, what is this question? It’s very simple. Imagine a room full of dictators who use chemical weapons on women […]