Dear Trump Supporters: My Facts and Reality Matter More Than Your Absurd Delusions

Once upon a time, Republicans would at least try to use some sort of source to back up whatever drivel they were trying to spew. Sure, they might use Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, or some other not-exactly-credible conservative source, but they’d at least try to support their asinine rhetoric with something. Since Donald Trump’s ascent to the top of […]

The 5 Simple Questions That Caused My Trump-Supporting Friend to Block Me

While I do my best to avoid debates with supporters of Donald Trump, I still do engage in them occasionally. I think it’s a mistake to avoid political debates/discussions with these folks entirely. If nothing else, debating Trumpsters helps sharpen your own knowledge, while also getting a glimpse at the propaganda/talking points/ridiculous nonsense they’re currently […]

Here are Some Numbers That Will Send Trump and His Hardcore Supporters into a Rage Spiral

Even though Trump supporters like to accuse those who oppose him of being “delicate snowflakes,” the truth is, they’re some of the most easily-triggered, whiny, overly-sensitive folks around. Pointing out anything negative about him, even if it’s quoting something he’s said verbatim, can often trigger a massive hissy fit from anyone who supports him. I’ll […]

10 Stats and Facts You Can Use to Educate (or Infuriate) Trumpsters

I’m going to assume that at one time or another, most people reading this have engaged in some sort of debate with a Trump supporter. So then I also feel it’s safe to assume that most people reading this realize how futile that venture usually turns out to be. It’s impossible, and completely pointless, to […]

Dear Trump Supporters: When You Keep Denying Reality, Of Course Everything Seems ‘Liberally Biased’

If you ask most conservatives, they’ll tell you that there’s a clear “liberal bias” in the news, especially among the mainstream media. It’s a talking point that’s been used by the right-wing for decades. But does it actually exist? If you ask me, slightly — but not nearly to the extent that conservatives whine that […]

Stop Acting Like Trump Supporters Care About Anything Awful He Says or Does — They Don’t

Can we please stop acting as if the majority of Trump supporters care about anything else but blindly supporting this national embarrassment and probably the worst human being ever elected ‘president’? He’s belittled POWs, mocked a man with disabilities, used rhetoric that’s inspired Nazis, been praised by the KKK, called a Gold Star widow a […]

Trump Supporters Have Become the Biggest Threat to the United States (Video)

The biggest problem (among many) that I see with Trump supporters is that these are millions of people who’ve proven that they’re not dedicated to our Constitution, other Americans, or even our military — they’re beholden to Trump, and no one else. Here’s an actual quote from a Trump supporter on the possibility that he colluded with […]

15 Questions to Ask your Trump Supporting Friends and Family This Thanksgiving

It’s that time of the year again, when friends and families gather around the table to eat turkey, dressing, and all the other fixings that go along with your typical Thanksgiving feast. Unfortunately, it’s also that time of the year when, even as much as many of us might try to avoid them, political debates, […]

My Number One Piece of Advice for Everyone Who’s Dealt with a Trump Supporter

Over the course of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, I lost count of how many times political analysts, myself included, claimed that something he had said or done was “finally what was going to lead to his downfall and chase off enough of his supporters.” Obviously that never happened. Seemingly too proud to ever admit that […]

The Next Time a Trump Supporter Denies He Colluded with Russia, Show Them This

As Donald Trump and his supporters continue to claim that there “was no collusion” between his campaign and Russia, the facts, at least as we know them today, seem to indicate otherwise. Aside from the long list of people around Trump who’ve been caught secretly communicating with Russians, we already know of several instances where […]