Trump Unleashes Bizarre Word Salad of Utter Nonsense During Saturday Morning Twitter Rant

I’ve written about quite a few Donald Trump Twitter meltdowns, but few were as unhinged and incoherent as the one he went on Saturday morning where he whined about everything from health care, to the media (of course), and even seemed to suggest that late night hosts are coordinating with Democrats against him. To call […]

Donald Trump Retweets Violent Image of Him Assaulting Hillary Clinton

Nothing like the current “President” of the United States promoting violence against women to get the day started. This morning, Trump retweeted a video someone made depicting him hitting a golf ball off a tee, only to hit Hillary Clinton in the back: Donald Trump's amazing golf swing #CrookedHillary — Mike (@Fuctupmind) September 14, […]

Trump’s Monday Twitter Meltdown: A Deranged, Shameful Word Salad of Easily Debunked BS

Despite his claim that he’s “working” during his 17-day golfing vacation away from the White House, Donald Trump spent much of Monday doing what he seems to do most days — whining about the media and people who are critical of him on Twitter. However, Monday’s Twitter tantrum was much longer than most, so let’s just […]