Paul Ryan Brags About Trumpcare Giving People a ‘Choice’ to Live or Die (Video)

Without a doubt, Donald Trump is the dominant figure in today’s political world. Unfortunately, for all the wrong reasons. That’s bound to happen when a completely incompetent, emotionally unstable buffoon who’s not remotely qualified to be “president” actually gets “elected.” Trump’s awfulness aside, I try to remind people that we can’t ignore the significance of the […]

Father’s Moving Story of Young Son’s Death Showcases How Trumpcare Could Kill People

I make no qualms concerning my position that health care should be a right, not a privilege. I don’t believe that a person’s ability to take care of their own health, or that of their family, should be based upon what they can afford or how much profit can be made. That’s exactly why nearly […]

Nation Gets Left in the Dark as 13 Republican Men Privately Tap Their Toes on Trumpcare

When it comes to the health care situation in our nation, there’s obviously no shortage of topics to discuss. Especially now that, after years of promising to “repeal and replace Obamacare,” they finally have the legislative power to do just that. When the House finally passed their version of Trumpcare a few weeks ago, we […]

Paul Ryan Announces ‘Fix’ for Trumpcare, Further Proving How Much He Hates Poor People

Anyone who follows me knows I have a strong disdain for Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI). He’s nothing but a hypocrite who used government money to help pay for his college education at a publicly-funded university on his way to a career funded by the taxpayers — yet has the gall to champion himself […]