Oops: Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Slips Up, Makes Great Argument for Banning Semi-Automatic Guns (Video)

A “trick,” if you want to call it that, Republicans use to manipulate people into falling for their propaganda is by playing what I call the “all-or-nothing” game. It’s where they essentially argue that if something they oppose won’t fix 100 percent of the problem, then it’s terrible and pointless. For example, when they talk […]

Fox News Complains That Reagan-Era Program Has Been ‘Hijacked’ By Obama

President Obama recently blasted the folks over at Fox News for constantly stereotyping poor people as being lazy and wanting handouts. This portrayal has long been a talking point repeated over and over again by conservative media as well as the people who parrot the propaganda word for word. Even conservatives who receive financial assistance […]

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Wants You To Know That Christianity Ended Slavery (Video)

I really wish President Obama hadn’t made his comments about the Crusades a few days ago at the National Prayer Breakfast, because I don’t believe the comparison is really valid. The discussion over radical Islam is referring to present day atrocities that are being carried out, not something that happened a thousand years ago. But […]

Fox News Interview Meant to Bash Obamacare Goes Terribly Wrong for the Network (Video)

It’s no secret that Republicans oppose the Affordable Care Act. Well, I guess I should put it more accurately – Republicans oppose anything President Obama supports which includes the Affordable Care Act. After all, this was originally a GOP idea that was actually passed by 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney when he was governor of Massachusetts. […]

Fox And Friends Freaks Out Over President Obama Quoting Scripture On Immigration (Video)

I’m usually not one to give a rat’s backside what the folks over at Fox News have to say, but I couldn’t pass this one up. Apparently the clown show on Fox and Friends flipped out because President Obama had the audacity to quote scripture in his address announcing executive action to temporarily halt deportation […]

Fox News Panel Outrageously Tries to Exploit Chaos in Ferguson to Stir Up Fear About Obama (Video)

Leave it to Fox News to find any reason to stir up the “President Obama is out of control with power” line that they’ve been pushing since before he stepped foot in the White House. And being that the big story this past week has been the events going on in Ferguson, that seems to be […]

Rachel Maddow Rips Into Tucker Carlson and the Conservative Media for Fabricating The News (Video)

Most liberals have accused the conservative media of essentially fabricating the news.  And rightfully so.  There’s a reason why you only hear about certain stories on Fox News – because they’re so ridiculous that nobody else will cover them. It’s the ultimate conspiracy theorist’s dream.  The argument that, “See, they won’t report the truth!  Only I’m reporting […]

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Disgustingly Mocks the Poor, Says They’re Lucky Because They’re Fat (Video)

The ability to think “big picture” is one I think a lot of people on both sides of the political debate lack.  And while I’ll fully admit I’ve met many liberals who lack the ability to think beyond the short-term, it’s an epidemic that plagues nearly the entire Republican party. After all, these are the […]

Ann Coulter Blatantly Lies on Fox News About Friend’s Sister Dying Due to Obamacare

I’ve always known Ann Coulter was pretty much a bottom feeder as far as human beings go.  She and Rush Limbaugh are the two individuals I see most often spouting off nothing but pure garbage.  It’s just an endless stream of vile, disgusting ignorance. Well, I just watched an interview between Coulter and Tucker Carlson […]